About Us

As our name implies, we are simply the best when it comes to general cleaning service provisions in Melbourne. With the current day’s fast paced lifestyle, families have to spend most of their time working out on their careers, and concentrating on other important matters. This we all agree may not avail families the time to clean their space and no one should be held responsible for this but us – the professional cleaning company in Melbourne.

We are here to help always ensuring commercial and residential apartments are well cleaned up with regards to window cleaning, end of lease cleaning, carpet cleaning, general home cleaning, spring cleaning, building cleaning, and upholstery cleaning amongst others.

We are the go-to company when it comes to Cleaning Services Melbourne. And we are definitely the best chosen ‘True Cleaning‘ in the Melbourne cleaning industry.

We cover all forms of cleaning necessities in the residential and commercial cleaning field and we simply do every space right.

Our Philosophy: As ‘True Cleaning’ we ensure our cleaning services are a no-match as we provide clients’ outstanding customer service, with the WOW experience and factor.

We use Quality Cleaning tools, and fast and effective services rendered to Melbourne apartments.

Our Commitment to general cleaning and carpet cleaning is second to none and we build a reputation based on the recommendations of satisfied clients’ and we value strongly “word of mouth” referrals.

We service the whole of Melbourne area and have developed a cleaning process for carpet and tiled floors that give the homeowner the guarantee for a perfect clean shining and protected space all days to come.

Identifying that our clients are our most important business partners, regularly we intentionally operate to achieve unequalled customer fulfillment by offering a broad range of quality cleaning services provided in a timely manner and with model service at all levels.

We offer a thorough home cleaning that can be organized weekly, monthly or occasionally as well as other general cleaning services. We are True Cleaning fully insured and will be happy to provide our award winning cleaning services to you today, as our general cleaning personnel are fully trained experts and we supply all of the housework products and equipment essential to provide you with the sparkling home/office possible.

You should contact us today to get started on making your homes/offices cleaner and healthier space.

With so many fruitful years of experience, we have provided Melbourne area with professional cleaning and maintenance services. Our main pursuit is to always provide clients with pleasant experience and to provide what we believe in most, quality cleaning that you can count on!

We take pride in quality and proficient works. And all of our technicians are always neat, polite and friendly. We are experienced cleaning experts who take extra care on every job so no damages occur to your property.

We always want to ensure that we provide you with a cleaning service that will leave your homes, offices, carpets, tiles, and every other area shinning until your next cleaning.