End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Inclusion And Exclusion Of End Of Lease Cleaning Services

If we are talking about a move out cleaning/ vacate cleaning/ bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning Melbourne service, then you must consider the effective checklist for the same! And for that to hire the good and reputable vacate cleaning Melbourne company is necessary… Why? Because from packing to the clean the belongings with the property, you have to manage.

 After managing everything, still, you don’t get the lease amount then??? Worried about that? It may possible that your walls or windows are dirty, then you won’t get your bond a reimbursement. This suggests you have got to come to the property within the best condition so as to urge your margin back from your property agent or owner.

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

There are many tenants will use these moving house cleaning tips to revive a rented home to its original condition, and along with the True Cleaning Melbourne we provide the proper moving out cleaning checklist and it can give the stress-free move with the notably once it is done.

There are many companies regarding these services, will provide you with a skilled finish of lease cleansing in your home. Such firms are equipped with the state of the art technologized cleansing tools and follow the thorough finish of lease cleaning list to go away no stone right-side-up to urge the property cleansed with 100% Bond Back Guarantee satisfaction.

Let Understand,

What Is End Of Lease Cleaning?

A tenant is responsible to come to the house with the clean and maintained the condition before the lease will end. It is close to clean the rented property and it is over the regular house cleaning. As a result of if your homeowner finds the house is good enough and you will get the bond back money, but at that time the sentimental feeling is not considerable.

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

After checking this,

Let Understand What Is Included In The Thorough End Of Lease Cleaning, And Here Is The List That We Provide:


General Cleaning:

  • Clean The Fans, Filters, Exhaust Fans, Air Conditioners
  • Clearing Little Nests And Bug Marks From The Walls
  • Make The Clean Light Switched, And Fittings
  • Remove The Stains From The Doors
  • Window Cleaning
  • Cabinets And Drawers Cleaning
  • Vacuum Cleansing Floors And Carpets

Bathroom Area:

  • Clean The Bathroom Drawers
  • Clean Exhaust Fans
  • Disinfecting Wash Basin, Tap, Shower, Bathtub, Seat
  • Clean Mirrors, Towel ails, Floors And Window Tracks

Kitchen Area:

  • Clean The All Cabinets, Drawers And Shelves
  • Eliminate The Stains, And Clean The Knobs
  • Sanitise The Sink And Clean The Stoves
  • Clean The Splash Back Space Victimisation
  • Remove Grease And Dirt From Kitchen  Appliances
  • Cleanse The Icebox, Microwave And Other Appliances
  • Purging Dirt From Fan Filter
  • Swabbing Floors

Other Key Areas To Clean Under Vacate Cleaning Melbourne Service:

  • Garage: Totally cleansing floors
  • Patio: Cleansing lights, sweeping and swabbing floors, cleansing balcony railings and glass.

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne



Move out cleaning Melbourne services typically don’t embrace ceilings.

Damp Spots

As a professional end of lease cleaners do our best to get rid of powerful stains and mould from damp spots, however, won’t provide a guarantee that these spots can disappear entirely.


As per the removing dust and dirt is our concern, It is a part of a cleaning task, but this is not guaranteed which will get eliminate mould for good.

Other Areas/Things That Is Exclude,

  • Discolouration
  • Furnished cabinets and drawers
  • Thorough Wall Clean
  • Dangerous Areas


Until and unless you get the deep and intensive end of lease cleaning Melbourne service, you don’t get these areas to be cleaned. We are here to assist you to secure the 100% bond back guarantee. Ensure your rental property will look clean and most effective with this service, and go with the victimisation of the highest quality of the cleaning.